It might be 2022, but when it comes to choosing a promotional product to represent your business you can’t go far wrong with the humble branded pen. Year after year it’s been proven that, despite the world of business becoming increasingly digital and online-focused, the vast majority of Brits still use a pen on a frequent daily basis. 

If you’re considering investing in branded pens to promote your business - perhaps at an event, in a promotional goodie bag, or as part of a customer mail out - then it makes sense to tailor the experience to your target audience as much as possible. Whether they’re a student quickly hand-writing an overdue essay or a Managing Director needing an exquisite pen to sign a business contract, we’re confident we can supply the perfect printed pen to enhance their writing experience and truly set your business apart.

Of course pens come in all shapes and sizes (as our product range found here demonstrates) but in this blog we’ve put together a list of suggestions for ensuring you select a style of promotional pen best-suited to your target audience...

The perfect promotional pen for office-based professionals...
In the fast-paced environment of the office, business professionals rely on tools that are as sleek and efficient as the people who use them. The Excelsior Ballpen is a stainless steel twist action ballpen with an elegant and minimalist design. It writes in black ink and provides a smooth writing experience when taking minutes of meetings or signing important contracts. Furthermore, it offers a large branding space perfectly suited for personalisation.

For that extra touch of luxury the Parker Jotter Steel Ballpen is an ideal choice. It is an impressive and elegant pen supplied in a smart Parker presentation box and comes with the additional option of engraving - sure to create a subtlety extravagant impression of your business when used by colleagues and clients alike.

The perfect promotional pen for those working in trade...
A good pen is essential to those working in the trade industries. Your target customer could be an architect who needs a reliable pen to sketch floor plans, or perhaps a builder who requires a handy and hard-wearing pen to take onto construction sites.

The Lumi Ballpen is a capped metal ballpen featuring a useful LED light and convenient clip. It is a smart multi-function promotional pen that doubles up as a handy light and ensures accuracy when taking measurements in poorly-lit conditions.

Alternatively, the classic Bic 4 Colour Ballpen provides the convenience of having four ink colours in one design - ideal for distinguishing detailed measurements on complicated design plans. It comes from a recognisable and reliable manufacturer so guarantees a long lasting and hard-wearing performance.

The perfect promotional pen for students...
Whether they’re solving difficult equations or writing lengthy essays, pens play an important role in every student’s education. What matters most is having a simple and reliable pen that works every time - gimmicky designs and complicated mechanisms hold little value. With this in mind, our wide range of no-frills, low cost printed pens is ideal for targeting the student market.

A basic pen, such as the Contour Standard Ballpen, provides students with reliable design as well as a comfortable grip and smooth writing experience. It features a generous branding area, meaning there is ample space for your unique business branding and is available in a choice of ten bold colours.

Alternatively, older students will appreciate the added benefit found in the Contour Max Ballpen. It offers the same features as the standard model with an additional fluorescent highlighter at one end - a great choice when targeting university students who need to make notes and highlight chunks of text in one go. We also have a wide range of multi-coloured highlighter marker pens that will be well-received by anyone during their studies.  These types of multi-functional pens are ideal for promoting your business at school, college and university events such as open days and freshers fairs.

The perfect promotional pen for the environmentally-conscious...
Whether you manage a sustainable eco-focused business or simply want to demonstrate a sense of environmental responsibility, our range of eco-friendly promotional pens provide the perfect solution. 

We stock a variety of pens made from recycled plastic and biodegradable materials, such as the popular Eco-Retract Ballpen. Made from recycled cardboard and plastic parts, this no-fuss pen features a generous branding area and is a great budget-friendly option.

Other models, such as the Contour Bamboo Ballpen made from sustainably-sourced bamboo, offer the same sleek and stylish design as many of our high-end executive pens. It features a large print area and smart chrome trim and is perfect for showing off your green credentials in style.

As you can see, with such a wide range of pens on offer you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a style to advertise your business. All it takes is some careful consideration of your target audience, the people you want to deliver your brand to.

We hope our suggestions have been helpful although if you’d like further advice about the perfect pen for your target audience then please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Yo-Promotions. We know the details of our pen ranges inside and out and can help you select the perfect promotional product, whoever you want to target.