Investing in effective promotional merchandise is one way to boost brand awareness, but there are many more strategies to consider as part of your marketing mix.  Referral marketing is a prime example. 

In it’s most basic form, referral marketing aims to encourage existing customers to recommend your product or service to people they know, whether that's colleagues, business contacts or personal friends. It relies on the high quality of service you provide as a business to leave a positive impact on customers and incentivises them to share their positive experience. 

There are many advantages to this method of marketing.  By offering a discount or special price promotion to customers who recommend your business, you have the opportunity to reach new leads and potential repeat customers. It provides an alternative route to make contact with your key audience in an 'organic' way that cuts through the noise of competing brands. Referred customers will always be more profitable to your business as they typically bring a lifetime value of 25% more than customers gained through other channels such as social media advertising.

At Yo-Promotions we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of service when it comes to sourcing and supplying promotional products so we'd like to encourage our customers to share their experience with friends and colleagues who also need to purchase promotional products.  In order to do this we're launching our exciting customer referral offer...

We're now delighted to offer customers a 10% discount on their entire order when they refer a contact who also makes a purchase.  Better still, the contact you refer will also receive 10% discount on their order too.

To take advantage of this offer simply use code 'friend' if ordering online or fill in a contact form letting us know who you are referring.