promotional product customisation explanation



When it comes to customising promotional products to suit your needs perfectly, we’re the experts. 


For products that use the most common type of printing—a single-colour screen print or a full-colour print—you can simply buy them online.


We also have other options, from additional printing techniques to products that have more than one area we can print on. To find out more about these options, give us a call or send us an email.



Printing - Digital

To print images with graduated colours or tints (such as photographic images), we use digital printing to achieve optimal gradients and rich colours.


For best results the artwork needs to be at least 300dpi resolution. We can handle most common file types, such as JPEG, TIFF and EPS. We can also help with creating the artwork for you.



Printing – Spot Colours

For the richest solid single colours, nothing beats spot-colour screen printing. This method uses a silk screen for each print colour, which incurs a setup charge. (£32.00 for each print colour plus small increase in unit cost.)


To print these designs we need vector artwork created in Adobe Illustrator and saved as an EPS file, with all text converted to outlines. We’re happy to help with this process, and can offer full studio service.


We don’t charge for simple typesetting, and if you need more complicated artwork we can arrange it for £18.00 - £20.00, depending on the artwork. 



Foil Blocking

Another option is foil blocking, which uses hot foil to reproduce the artwork. It’s available in gold, silver and white. 


Each screen and setup costs £32.00 for each colour, plus a small increase in unit cost.




Many of our promotional products have multiple areas that can be printed on. For example, pens can often be printed on both sides of the barrel as well as the clip. And paper pads can have a different print on every page, or external face.


If you’d like more information about printing on multiple locations, give us a call or send us an email.