During the past year many employees in the UK and worldwide have found themselves required to work from home. Amongst other challenges, this new way of working has dramatically changed how we communicate and interact with our employees and colleagues. It’s understandable that remote working has caused some to feel unmotivated and disconnected from their roles and co-workers, however there is a way to tackle this.

A simple solution is by providing your workforce with branded promotional products to assist them in their new working environments. Promotional gifts are a great way to drive employee engagement and boost positivity and productivity amongst teams. What’s more, most products are low cost and very straight forward to order. Whether it’s items of office stationary or a biscuit treat, such gestures can have a significant impact on employees working from home. 

Here we’ve put together a list of our suggestions for promotional merchandise items that every home-worker will appreciate. All of these products can be personalised with your business details, logo or company slogan; encouraging productivity and reminding employees that they are still working together as part of a team.

  • Paper pads and desk pads - Branded paper products will help employees to prioritise tasks and manage their work load efficiently especially during these disruptive times.  
  • Post it notes and sticky note pads - Just as useful at home as in the office, branded post it notes are ideal for quickly jotting down tasks and ideas during Zoom meetings and phone calls. Our post-it notes and sticky note pads are available in a range of shapes, sizes and colours to suit both your brand and your budget.
  • Pens and pencils - Ensure your employees have the basic tools they need in their home office by providing branded pens or pencils. A printed budget pen or personalised pencil will always be useful and will advertise your brand to a wider audience. We have a huge range of products to chose from including anti-bacterial pens, highlighters and markers as well as high-end executive pens by Pierre Cardin and Senator.
  • Pen pots and desk tidies - Help your employees to create a neat and organised working environment in the home... a tidy work space means a tidy mind and therefore increases productivity.
  • Mouse mats - Working long hours on a laptop can present posture and positioning issues especially when using a trackpad. A branded mouse mat can assist your employees in making laptop work more efficient (eg. when navigating spreadsheets) as well as providing long-lasting brand awareness.
  • Mugs and coasters - Enjoying that favourite cup of tea, coffee or refreshing drink is an essential part of the working day whether in the office or at home. Printed mugs, branded water bottles and personalised coasters ensure your brand is always within easy reach and make ideal gifts for customers and employees working at home.
  • Biscuits, sweets and chocolates - A small token of thanks or appreciation can go a long way and branded confectionary items will always be gratefully received by employees. It’s a thoughtful way to reward hard work during these uncertain times and your workforce will be more productive when they feel valued and appreciated.

These are just some of the promotional products that can help alleviate the challenges of working from home. With numerous options for branding and personalising, you can provide employees with the tools they need to remain comfortable in their workspace, engaged with their work and connected with the company whilst at home.

At Yo-Promotions we supply a huge range of products that businesses and employees require in order to work from home successfully. Browse our full range by clicking the links above and don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today if you require assistance.