Eight million tonnes of plastic - that’s the amount that finds its way into the worlds oceans every single year.  Just one of many reasons why environmental responsibility continues to be a hot topic amongst businesses in the UK and globally.

With that in mind, it makes sense to align your promotional activity with your environmental efforts by switching your branded merchandise to eco-friendly alternatives. At Yo-Promotions we’ve made this easier than ever by offering a large range of high-quality promotional products made from recycled materials, all of which can be personalised and printed with your business details.

Take the humble pen, for example. It remains one of the most popular items of printed promotional merchandise, but did you know that pens are available in a variety of eco-friendly options? Whether it’s promotional pens made from recycled materials or biodegradable pens made from cornstarch, supplying eco-friendly pens is an ideal opportunity to demonstrate how your business is taking environmental matters seriously.

Even the most basic of office essentials can be given a green makeover, including pencils and notepads. We stock a range of these products made from a variety of recycled materials, from recycled newspapers to recycled CD cases. By providing your customers and employees with these you can set your promotional merchandise - and your business - apart from others in a unique way. 

If you’re looking for printed merchandise that isn’t just office-related then you still have eco-friendly options. How about reusable bags or keyrings made from recycled plastic? Both are simple, everyday items that will be kept by the recipient and used repeatedly over long periods of time. What’s more, the recycled keyrings we supply have all been made in the UK. Our reusable bags are ideal for retail or takeaway businesses and offer a large print area for your business details, logo or slogan to maximise brand awareness.

These are just a few of the ways you can promote your business in an environmentally-friendly way. If you need further inspiration then browse our large range of eco-friendly promotional products here... we’re certain we have the perfect product for you! If you need help finding a specific item or have any questions about our eco-friendly products then simply contact us and we will do our very best to help.