From pens to chocolates, coasters to umbrellas, and calculators to teddy bears, choosing which promotional product is best suited to your business or organisation can seem like a difficult decision to make.

We’re all working with limited budgets so it’s important you make the right decision and purchase promotional products that deliver what you need them to... Whether it’s spreading brand awareness, highlighting an important fundraising campaign, encouraging participation in an event or simply rewarding customers and employees, it’s crucial to consider the purpose of the promotional product and ensure it captures the attention of your audience. 

We’ve put together a list of our top go-to promotional products guaranteed to do just that, whoever your target market is...

  • The most effective promotional products in administrative and office environments are usually practical items used frequently throughout the working day. Mugs and coasters are ideal because they sit on desks and meeting tables and are useful to customers and employees alike. When printed with your promotional message, they ensure your name is subtly present wherever and whenever important business decisions are being made.
  • Colour is key when it comes to choosing promotional products for children and young people in the education sector. Bright, eye-catching stationery products will always be useful in a range of learning environments, from nurseries to schools, colleges and universities. Items such as individual pens/pencils and packs of colouring pencils are budget-friendly and easily personalised with custom text and brand colours to tie-in with your marketing campaign.
  • There’s a huge choice of practical promotional products for attending events such as conferences, trade shows and festivals. Branded lanyards, for example, are important to ensure the smooth running and organisation of events. Every attendee will require one, creating a prime opportunity to capture the attention of your target audience. Name badges are also highly effective for this reason. Of course every event will also feature signage and banners displayed throughout. As well as being informative, they can feature brand logos or slogans to aid the strong delivery of a promotional message. 
  • Businesses in the often competitive catering, food & drink sector won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to advertise their brand to new and existing customers as much as possible. Products with a high useage such as napkins, drinks cups, cardboard cup sleeves and paper carrier bags can all be branded with a range of options; a simple logo, slogan or bespoke design to reflect a unique style of branding. They offer a budget-friendly marketing solution for small, independent food & drink businesses (takeaways, cafes, restaurants, food trucks etc) competing with the larger corporate chains. 

Luckily, at Yo-Promotions we have an extensive product catalogue which means there is a solution for all; regardless of sector, target market or budget. We have almost 20 years experience in providing quality promotional products to our customers and what’s more, our unique price promise garauntees to match or better the price of any like-for-like product from a UK end-user distributor.

To discuss your bespoke requirements or for more information on any of the products simply contact us by phone or email and we will be pleased to help.