A fresh new year is underway but businesses continue to face an array of challenges. With marketing budgets squeezed more than ever it’s important to ensure your customer relations are maintained in an effective, cost-friendly manner.

Whilst the opportunity for face-to-face interaction remains limited, sending direct mail-outs is an alternative method of customer communication.  By sending a unique promotional gift printed with your business details, logo or message, you can ensure customers have a constant reminder of your presence.

At Yo- Promotions we offer a wide range of promotional products ideally suited for sending in the post. They are all lightweight and compact in size, meaning that postage costs remain low. 

As well as traditional promotional gifts such as pens and pencils we can also provide unique products relevant for today’s society such as pocket-sized hand sanitisers and no-touch keyrings. As with the majority of our products, these are available with a variety of size, colour and printing options.

Have a look at our top suggestions below and consider sending one of the following with your next mail-out campaign...

  • Pens and pencils - printed stationary is ideal for including in postal correspondence with your customers, particularly when sending forms or questionnaires. Branded pens or personalised pencils can be purchased in bulk for an affordable price and fit neatly into envelopes, keeping postage costs at a minimum. What’s more, a pen or pencil is an extremely useful and practical gift for the recipient, likely to be kept on their desk and used repeatedly. They act as a constant reminder and ensure your business details remain visible long after the initial mail-out is received.
  • Credit card mints - coloured promotional credit-card shaped mint boxes are a fun way to advertise your business details. With a generous branding area and bright, vibrant colour options, their flat shape means they fit easily into small envelopes. Credit card mint boxes are available in a variety of styles and designs and contain approximately 50 mints.  The boxes are often kept even when empty so your business details remain noticeable.
  • Credit card hand sanitisers - Using hand sanitiser has become part of every day life so including a branded credit card sanitiser with your next mail-out provides the recipient with a considerate and usable gift. As with the mint credit card, the hand sanitisers are compact and lightweight and fit neatly into any envelope size.
  • No touch keyrings - these essential hands-free tools make a thoughtful and practical promotional gift, especially for key-workers, delivery drivers and those working in manual industries. Featuring your business details, the keyrings will be kept handy and used to open doors and drawers in communal environments and help to stop the spread of bacteria and infection. Our no touch keyrings are made in the UK from recycled plastic and available in a variety of colours as well as a unique antibacterial coating.
  • Logo bugs - a personalised logo bug is a fun, colourful promotional gift to include with postal giveaways. They are popular with adults and kids alike and come in a variety of colours, styles and digital printing options. Promotional bugs are extremely lightweight so won’t increase postage costs.
  • Neapolitan chocolates - a foil wrapped chocolate printed with your business details makes a light-hearted New Years gift which will be appreciated and enjoyed by the recipient. Each individual chocolate weighs just 5g so won’t bump up postage costs. We supply Neapolitan chocolates in a range of flavours with printed wrapper and colour options to reflect your branding requirements.

These are just some of the products we supply that make great promotional gifts to include with your next mail-out and there are many more available on our website.

Contact us today for more information on any product or to discuss the printing options available.