Pens. The most popular promotional product we sell!

Promotional pens are not only cost-effective to purchase, they are also convenient to store, easy to distribute and offer fantastic opportunities when it comes to increasing brand awareness. In a world of unwanted online ad campaigns and imposing billboards, promotional pens enable businesses and organisations to market themselves in a physical way; quite literally straight into the hands of the target audience. 

This is all very well, but if you think promotional pens are all boring, plastic, flimsy and cheap-looking, think again...
We have a HUGE variety of pens offering something different and unique. From eye-catching colours to multi-functional pens with various branding options, they provide a fantastic opportunity to make your business stand out from the crowd and get noticed (and importantly, remembered) by your audience. 

Pens are tools that will continue to feature in everyday life, both personal and business, so it’s worth thinking “outside the box” when buying them for promotional purposes. Why not go the beyond the norm and consider something a bit different...

  • Leave a stylish impression by choosing a quality promotional pen in a unique colour. These contour pastel ballpens are a great example. Available in a range of modern, aesthetically-pleasing light pastel colours together with a smart chrome trim, they will definitely stand out from other pens. The contour pastel ballpen offers a generous branding area for you to customise and can be ordered with our express delivery service when time is of the essence.
  • Go for a promotional pen that provides convenience and your target audience will reach for it time and time again. These BIC 4-colour pens will eliminate time spent hunting for that specific black/blue/red ink pen by providing them all together in one classic design. The BIC 4-colour pens offer a prominent printing area for your business details which can be printed in single or multiple spot colours.
  • A subtle design difference will instantly create a stylish impression. The Swan ballpen is an ideal example, featuring a contrasting trim under the clip and a durable silver nose cone. The smooth twist action means this pen is easy to use as well as looking smart.
  • Demonstrate your green credentials by choosing an eco-friendly pen to represent your business. At Yo-Promotions we offer a range of promotional pens made from recycled plastic and biodegradable materials. The Biosense ballpen operates like a classic push-button pen but is made from recycled paper, whilst the Contour Bamboo ballpen offers a sleek and stylish design and is made from sustainably-sourced bamboo. Choosing these promotional pens will show your business is actively making small but important steps to reduce our reliance on plastic and do something positive for the environment. 
  • Promote your consideration of health and safety by selecting an anti-bacterial pen to advertise your business. In times when high standards of hygiene and cleanliness have never been more important, these uniquely coated pens ensure continuous antibacterial and antifungal protection. They offer a generous branding area for a business name, logo or slogan and are available in a wide range of bold, eye-catching colours.
  • For a truly unique option you needn’t look further than our excellent range of multi-function pens. The pens in this range are guaranteed to make you stand out from your competitors and leave a lasting impression on all who use them. The Contour-i Glow ballpen can be laser-engraved with your chosen design which is then lit from beneath when activated by a simple push button. A useful feature, perhaps not, but one that is sure to impress your target audience! Alternatively, the Tri Spinner ballpen will inject a bit of fun into your marketing campaign by offering novelty value as well as functionality. The Tri Spinner pen features 3 ballpen ink colours in a quirky, eye-catching design and can be digitally printed with your business details.

These suggestions demonstrate just some of the ways you can differentiate your promotional message and make a subtle impact on your target audience. All it takes is a bit of thought and creativity!

You can browse our full range of pens on our website or call us to discuss your requirements. We’re on hand to guide you through the straight-forward ordering process and answer any questions or queries you might have.