When considering marketing and branding options it is important not to overlook the humble pencil.  After all, together with promotional pens, personalised pencils are the best selling promotional product in the UK and have repeatedly proven to be a highly effective investment for marketing and advertising purposes. Here we look at just a few of the reasons why the classic personalised pencil can be a great marketing tool for your business...


When it comes to purchasing promotional products, nothing beats the cost effectiveness of pencils. They have a low cost-per-item price which makes them an attractive alternative to the more expensive online and traditional methods of media advertising. Personalised pencils are ideal for including with mail shots or for handing out at trade shows, conferences and social events - their size and weight makes them cheaper to distribute than many other promotional products.

Variety and longevity

With promotional products it’s worth remembering that real value actually comes second to perceived value.  There are an array of promotional products businesses might send their customers, however only a few are repeatedly used by the recipient on a regular basis.  Pencils have the advantage of being a highly practical tool; used globally in home and business environments.  A promotional pencil printed with your business details is effectively a handheld advertisement for your business.  It is something that is likely to sit on the recipient’s desk for a sustained period of time and be used, shared and borrowed by many. Whether printed with a logo, brand slogan or direct contact information, your business details will be viewed and potentially remembered across a large audience.  Even if the user does not have an immediate need for your product or service, a promotional pencil acts as a constant reminder of your presence and gives your brand maximum exposure and increased awareness with relatively little cost or effort.  


The way people view your business is important and with the growing trend in fighting climate change now is the time to ensure you are distributing environmentally friendly promotional products. A printed pencil makes an ideal marketing tool; made from natural resources and with a longer life-span than plastic single-use products. At Yo-Promotions we stock a wide range of eco-friendly pencils made from recycled plastic including recycled CD case pencils and FSC-certified wooden pencils. When using these as a promotional tool to market your business or organisation you are ensuring recipients associate your brand with sustainability and social responsibility.

Lastly, with a variety of styles and personalised printing options to chose from, it’s clear to see why promotional pencils continue to be such a popular choice. They can be readily purchased in bulk and together with their usability and functionality, offer a great return in investment.  

At Yo-Promotions we offer a wide range of pencils printed with your unique requirements and are well experienced in the supply of high-quality promotional pencils. Browse our product range and contact us today to discuss the many options available.